Your AI investment is underperforming and burning money๐Ÿ“‰๐Ÿ”ฅ

5cube Labs can fix that๐Ÿช„๐Ÿค–

Maximize your ROI with optimized, high-performing AI pipelines tailored to your business needs.


    " Matthew has the killer combination of technical ability, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile that make for an amazing development partner.

    Delivered to scope on time and under budget.

    We're already reaching out to schedule the next project. "

    - Evan Stites Clayton, Co-founder + CEO at Black Lotus Inc (a Hacker Fellowship Zero company), Co-Founder / former CTO of Teespring (YC 13)

    Here's the grim reality: Your AI initiatives are falling short of their potential.

    A cutting-edge idea alone won't drive your business forward. You need an AI implementation that:

    • โœ… Scales with your business.

    • โœ… Sets your solutions apart from the rest of the market.

    • โœ… Delivers data-driven results reliably, round the clock.

    • โœ… Resonates with your goals.

    But your current AI system is underperforming. And it's draining your resources, more than you realize.

    Here's the encouraging part: It doesn't have to stay this way.

    Convert your AI performance into results for your org. ๐Ÿ’ธ ๐Ÿ“Š

    Stop fretting over whether you're beating the state of the art.


    " Matthew is a beast when it comes to AI, data science, and ML. He's able to do the math on pen and paper and scale it with all 3 on the terminal into applications.

    He gets the root science, which is rare in biology as well and has been relentless in helping my team and I triangulate on data driven realities. A rare find and the guy lives and breathes all things in this arena.

    He's also a whiz at optimizing infra costs. I would highly recommend him to any founder, CEO, or CTO. "

    - Kumar Thangudu, @datarade on Twitter (>26,000 followers), Founder of EngineerSF, Co-Founder of Link Texting

    ๐Ÿฆพ Fast-growing AI/ML companies hire us to

    Optimize API Costs


    We optimize usage of third-party APIs like OpenAI, Anthropic, and Cohere to effectively reduce costs and enhance your application's performance.
    See SEO company example

    Find Product-Market Fit


    Leveraging advanced ML/AI techniques, we help you identify and capture your product-market fit, improving market reach and customer satisfaction.
    See radiology example

    Build Self-Hosted ML Pipelines


    We assist in establishing robust self-hosted ML pipelines, offering seamless automation and enhanced control over your AI operations.
    See MonomerBio example

    Enhance AI Models


    Our expertise in Tensorflow, PyTorch, and JAX allows us to fine-tune your ML models, ensuring maximum accuracy and computational efficiency.
    See agtech example

    Build Gen AI Apps


    From art to synthetic data, we can create sophisticated generative AI applications that can bring new possibilities to your business.
    See YouTeam (YC W18) example

    Improve Bio X ML Workflows


    We offer AI solutions for bioinformatics, improving the efficiency of your data pipelines, accelerating research, and enabling high-precision outcomes.
    See example of HairDAO

    Research Custom ML Solutions


    We design and develop custom ML algorithms tailored to your business needs, ensuring unique solutions that deliver unrivaled results.
    See BitTensor example

    Be an AI Advisory


    Our seasoned AI experts provide guidance and strategic insights to help your business navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.
    See example of the Foresight Institute

    Boost Performance Metrics


    We offer exceptional performance on industry-standard benchmarks, ensuring that your AI applications deliver the highest efficiency and productivity.
    See example of Weni


    " Apart from Matthew's encyclopedic knowledge in every aspect of the machine learning domain, what is genuinely unique about him is his drive. Every day, multiple times a day, Matthew proactively reaches out to the team, checking on his progress, inquiring about ours, and asking if we need any help with anything. This has made Matthew much more than just a consultant.

    He is an engine, a source of creative energy that inspires us to push forward even harder. As a result, we successfully built a complex custom model from scratch in less than a month.

    Needless to say, the day after Matthew completed the initial scope of work, I offered him a retainer. If you're lucky enough to meet a person like this, you would want to keep them close. "

    - Yura Riphyak, Founder + CEO at YouTeam (YC 18)


    " In our time working together, I was impressed by Matthew's expertise in ML engineering coupled with a keen sense of product vision. Beyond his profound technical skills, his intuitive design sensibilities stood out, blending the intricate world of machine learning with user-centric solutions. "

    - Tiago Luchini, Chief Technology Officer at Deep Origin


    " Matt's guide on system design principles helped me improve as an engineer. Matt knows his stuff, from traditional software engineering and large-scale systems design to the latest research in privacy-preserving ML, performance tuning for LLMs, etc.

    I've also benefitted from Matt's knowledge when evaluating potential startups to work with. Picking Matt's brain on ML, blockchain, and the general startup ecosystem has helped me gain insight into which startups have the most promising approaches.

    Matt spends every moment intentionally, constantly taking his clients' projects to the next level. Matt is reliable, driven and has a great work ethic -- would highly recommend him for freelance work, startup partnerships, speaking engagements and more! "

    - Blake Elias, Software Engineer at Google Silicon