About the Team


Hello! My name is Matthew McAteer

I'm a Technologist, Entrepreneur and Full Stack Machine Learning Scientist

In 8+ years I've built technology across industries, for businesses of all shapes and sizes. My edge is through using modern frameworks, scientific methodologies and platforms to design, build and deliver innvoative projects, fast.


An innovative yet practical approach

Keeping it real, making use of modern tools and scientific methodoligies to accelerate business growth and establishing unfair advantages.

Rapid Prototyping & MVP

From concept, ideation and prototyping to MVP, testing and launching technology enabled business defines who I am.

End-to-End AI Solutions

Over the years, I've specialized in all aspects of AI solutions, from data collection and preprocessing to model development and deployment, ensuring effective applications at scale.

Business Model Innovation

With deep experience of SaaS, Cloud, Fundamental AI Research, Biotech, I help in developing the right business model, through experimentation and iteration.

AI Infrastructure / On-Prem and Cloud-Based Solutions

As an early adopter and advocate of cloud-based and on-prem AI, I use leading-edge tools, frameworks, and techniques to provide businesses a significant advantage in time to market and cost-efficiency.

Tools I Work With

Here are some of the tools and platforms I use to do my job. I'm constantly researching and testing new technologies.


Python, JavaScript/Node, C++, Golang, Julia, R, Solidity, Bash, Lua, MATLAB, Scala, Rust.


PyTorch, Tensorflow, JAX, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, Pandas, Langchain, LangchainJS, Typescript, React, Gatsby, Next.js, React Native, Astro, Tailwind CSS, OpenCV, Robotic Operating System (ROS), D3, Django, FastAPI, Flask, Jupyter, Nginx, OpenGL, PyTest, SQLAlchemy, ThreeJS.


Amazon Web Services
(EC2, Sagemaker, Titan, Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, Kinesis, S3, API Gateway, ECS/Fargate)

Other Deployments
Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Lambda GPU Cloud, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Vercel, Render, Netlify, Modal Labs, Replicate.

Operating Systems
Windows, MacOS, Linux, Aarch64, Debian, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Ubuntu.

DevOps / MLOps

Git, GitHub, GitLab, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Pulumi, GitLab, Jenkins, Circle CI, Weights & Biases, ArgoCD, Bitbucket, Grafana, Anaconda.

Data Engineering / Databases

MongoDB, Cassandra, MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql, Prometheus, Redis, SQLite, FaunaDB, Neo4j, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Vector Databases (Pinecone, Weaviate, Chroma)

Other Tools

HuggingFace, OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, Algolia, AI21, GraphQL, Airtable, Zapier, LatchBio, Godot, Supabase, Firebase, Figma, Blender, Confluence, Jira, LabView, Latex, Maya, Rstudio, Selenium, Slack, Unity, Unreal, Vim, VSCode, Replit, Google Colab.

Over 8+ years, I've founded numerous startups, some successes 🍾, some failures 🤦🏼‍♂️, here are the most notable.

Startups I've Founded


Co-Founder & CTO
2020 to 2022

A weather map, but for transformer-level location-specific electricity prices. High MRR, but was nerfed (and later shut down) at the request of the DoE shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Founder & CEO
2019 to 2020

No-code tool for building and deploying private machine learning workflows. Received seed funding at $1M valuation.

Founder & CEO

ArXiV on the Interplanetary File System. Acquired by Inkrypt for an undisclosed amount.

Project AgeTuneUp
Project AgeTuneUp
Founder & CEO
2015 to 2017

Metabolic Engineering startup, focused on engineering e.coli to more cheaply produce short-lived NAD+ precursors. Received support from MIT's The Engine accelerator and raised $500K.

In between startups, I've worked on various projects for companies big and small, giving me key insights into building technology at all levels.

Work History

Formic Labs (now Deep Origin)

Formic Labs (now Deep Origin)
Head of Machine Learning
2022 to 2023

Formic Labs (now Deep Origin) is developing technologies to accelerate biology R&D.

Generally Intelligent (now called Imbue)
Generally Intelligent (now called Imbue)
Machine Learning
2021 to 2022

Infrastructure for GPU-accelerated self-supervised learning experiments.

Machine Learning Engineer
2019 (7 months)

The Next Generation Platform for Identity and Authentication. Acquired by Prove.

Machine Learning (contract)
2018 to 2019 (8 months)

Worked on Tensorflow Probability.

Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital
Research Associate
2016 to 2017

Computer vision on multi-photon microscopy images for Alzheimer's Research.

Recent Publications

Here are some of the articles and features from the things I've been involved in.

Areas of Specialisation

A set of unorthodox yet complimentary skills to create advantage

AI Strategy and Transformation

Whether you're a start-up seeking to harness AI for a competitive edge, or an established business navigating a transition to AI, I help organizations create and implement effective AI strategies.

AI-First Infrastructure

AI-First technology is poised to define the next decade's technological landscape. Companies that leverage it early can secure a significant competitive advantage.

AI-Driven Growth Strategies

I harbor a deep fascination with AI-driven growth strategies, leveraging technology, data, and innovative approaches to enhance customer acquisition and drive business growth.

AI Drug Discovery

Profound expertise in AI for drug discovery, utilizing machine learning algorithms and techniques to expedite the drug discovery process and improve the precision of bioinformatics.

How do I aid businesses?

Cloud & Infrastructure Cost Reduction

Many firms find themselves burdened with excessive costs for AI/ML infrastructure. I work with these businesses to significantly reduce expenditure by optimizing legacy and modern architectures.

Virtual CTO

For startups seeking guidance on AI/ML technology decisions or wishing to implement strategies that provide a competitive edge.

AI/ML Pipeline Automation & Setup

Building best practice, secure AI/ML pipelines and automations to allow businesses to develop, train, and deploy models rapidly and securely.

Zero to MVP

Leveraging my extensive experience building AI/ML minimum viable products, I ensure a swift path to the first release with a tech stack that is future-proof.

AI-Enabled Business Innovation

For businesses that need to find growth triggers or have plateaued and need to innovate around their AI applications and strategies.