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Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning with 5cube Labs

The realm of artificial intelligence is expanding at a breathtaking pace, carving out opportunities in virtually every industry. At the core of this revolutionary wave is machine learning, a subset of AI that leverages algorithms to analyze data, learn from it, and then make future predictions or decisions.

5cube Labs, a leading AI consultancy, is at the forefront of this technological frontier, helping businesses harness the transformative power of machine learning. With our expertise, we’re not just helping companies keep up with the pace of change, we’re empowering them to become the trendsetters.

Our expansive range of machine learning services cater to diverse business needs and challenges, including:

  • 💳 Optimizing API Costs
  • 💰 Finding Product-Market Fit
  • 🏗️ Building Self-Hosted ML Pipelines
  • 🤖 Enhancing AI Models
  • 👨‍💻 Building Next-Generation AI Applications
  • 🧪 Improving Bio x ML Workflows
  • 🧑‍🏫 Researching Custom ML Solutions
  • 🧠 Acting as an AI Advisory
  • 🧮 Boosting Performance Metrics

These offerings are specifically designed to drive innovation, optimize operational efficiencies, and improve business outcomes. Whether you’re looking to optimize your current AI systems, explore untapped markets with your product, or are in need of an AI advisory for strategic direction, 5cube Labs is your go-to partner in this evolving landscape.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into some impactful projects we’ve worked on across different industries, demonstrating how we’ve used machine learning to help businesses thrive in an AI-driven world.

Real-world use cases for 5cube Labs in ML

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Private Audio Software company with 5cube Labs to improve its audio feature recognition algorithms

Use case: Boosting Performance Metrics
  • Longtime audio processing software company with millions of users (including many famous musical artists) wanted help improving their already impressive audio classification tools with the state of the art in deep learning.
  • Over a few weeks, we worked with the company to increase their multi-feature classification accuracy on an intentionally difficult internal benchmark by. We also architected the deep learning solution to be compatible with the legacy codebase. Subsequent review articles of the company’s software noted a visible subjective improvement between release versions.

💬 “[The 5cube Labs Consultant] really knows the terminology and tooling inside and out.” - Company Founder @ Audio Software Company

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Content generation and SEO optimization service got help with 5cube Labs in reducing their OpenAI costs

Use case: Optimizing API Costs
  • Content-generation company wanted to reduce their 5-figure monthly OpenAI API costs. More importantly, they wanted to keep the performance of their production software setup and not suffer a tradeoff between quality and cost.
  • Optimized the content-generation pipelines across several products, with cost reductions ranging from 5x to 2500x for the company’s specific products.

💬 “[The consultant] was really focused on improving profit margins for us. It was great to work with someone focused on the business side that didn’t get dazzled by shiny new AI tools.” - Product Manager @ Content Generation Company

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Series A Microscopy company with 5cube Labs to its out-of-distribution detection system

Use case: Boosting Performance Metrics, Enhancing AI models
  • Microscopy startup, shortly after completing their series A raise, wanted to improve their dataset quality regarding out-of-focus cell images.
  • Worked with their existing ML team to bring an 80% improvement in filtering out out-of-focus samples (both sides of the z-plane) when generating datasets, and helping them produce their first high-profile conference paper. Project began shortly after the venture’s Series A raise, and they would go on to successfully raise a Series B.

💬 “[The consultant] was able to balance both.” - ML Engineer @ Microscopy Company

👮 👮 👮 👮 👮 👮 👮 👮 👮 👮 👮

Private security startup worked with 5cube Labs to build a distributed real-time facial recognition tool, for use with enterprise clients with large floor areas

Use case: Building Self-Hosted ML Pipelines
  • The tool needed to have the bandwidth to be deployed across 50 enterprise customers, with each having about 200 security cameras. Said customers usually had predefined allow-lists and watch-lists (e.g., employees, ex-employees). The detection also had to be robust against atmospheric or lighting artifacts, as well as adversarial attacks (i.e., someone wearing face paint or glasses).
  • We worked with the company to develop this tool and make it cheap to host and maintain with several open-source frameworks and technologies. This tool would soon be deployed to several high-profile enterprise customers, including being part of a partnership with a famous multi-purpose sports arena.

💬 “What [The consultant] built for us went over really well with our initial trial customers.” - CEO @ Private Security Company

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AI Radiology with 5cube Labs to improve detection accuracy and improve usability by human radiologists

Use case: Finding Product-Market Fit, Enhancing AI Models
  • Radiology company wanted help improving both production AI models and those in production for new use cases.
  • For production AI models, we helped improve disease detection accuracy by upwards of 30%. This was combined with introducing a new human-in-the-loop interpretability tool that not only showcases the models’ decision process to the engineering team, but also to the radiologists. This feature was well received by users, and resulted in huge performance gains for the previously non-performant in-development models.

💬 “[5cube Labs consultant] was able to get ramped up on our project quickly and delivered invaluable results in the end.” - CTO @ Radiology Company

🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽

AgTech company with 5cube Labs to improve throughput of agricultural commodity inspection

Use case: Enhancing AI Models
  • Agtech company had developed an IoT food quality inspection tool, designed to identify and spot multiple types of agricultural defects. Given the volumes of agricultural commodities being processed, even small improvements in accuracy would result in huge cost savings.
  • Improved accuracy of agricultural commodity inspection upwards 50x (in terms of volumes of sup-par commodidies spotted and filtered out).

💬 “[The consultant] was highly skilled and knowledgeable in AI/DL. They brought new ideas to the table and implemented them for us. Their code is high quality and well documented. They were a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to hire them again.”- VP of AI @ AgTech Company

🤸‍ 🤸‍ 🤸‍ 🤸‍ 🤸‍ 🤸‍ 🤸‍ 🤸‍ 🤸‍ 🤸‍ 🤸‍

Private exercise app worked with 5cube Labs to build custom tutorials for yoga exercised based on users’ own movements

Use case: Building Generative AI Applications, Researching Custom ML Solutions
  • Early stage exercise app wanted to build custom tutorials for yoga exercises based on users’ own movements and appearance. This would require a generative AI solution that could take in a user’s video and output a pose-accurate custom tutorial.
  • We worked with the team to develop a real-time (20fps) monocular (single iPhone camera) 3D pose-estimation model, one on which 3D models constructed from user photos could be mapped. The result was an app that could show a user’s movements side-by-side with the ideal pose.

💬 “On-time, under-budget, and exactly what we asked for.” - CTO @ Exercise App

🧫 🧫 🧫 🧫 🧫 🧫 🧫 🧫 🧫 🧫 🧫

Ultra-high-throughput drug discovery company worked with 5cube Labs to improve error correction in combining results from multiple plate-readers

Use case: Improving Bio X ML Workflows - Ultra-high-throughput drug discovery company
  • Pre-clinical AI drug discovery company utilizing ultra-high-throughput automated screening wanted to improve their error correction in combining results from multiple microarrays per experiment.
  • Assembled a battery of statistical tests, both parametric and non-parametric, to identify and correct for errors in the data. This resulted in a 10x increase in the number of compounds that were flagged as warranting further investigation, as well as being able to reject many previously flagged compounds with greater confidence.

“[The consultant] really understood the problem. [They] were always asking questions about the assumptions behind both the machine learning and the bedrock statistics.”

🧪 🧪 🧪 🧪 🧪 🧪 🧪 🧪 🧪 🧪 🧪

Early-stage Drug Discovery company worked with 5cube Labs to reconstruct ML paper with no known public reproduction

Use case: Researching Custom ML Solutions
  • Very early stage (pre-seed funding) drug discovery company was looking to make sure they were on par with the state of the art in molecular property prediction models. They also wanted to test this on a dataset of molecules (some synthetically-generated molecules, some paired with real-world molecular databases)
  • Drug Discovery company would go onto raise a Series A round, as well as develop property prediction

💬 “[The consultant] did a really thorough job reproducing this paper. It’s great to have confidence in our benchmarks like this.”

🧑‍⚖️ 🧑‍⚖️ 🧑‍⚖️ 🧑‍⚖️ 🧑‍⚖️ 🧑‍⚖️ 🧑‍⚖️ 🧑‍⚖️ 🧑‍⚖️ 🧑‍⚖️ 🧑‍⚖️

Consortium worked with 5cube Labs to judge applicants to a multi-million-dollar grant program

Use case: Acting as an AI Advisory
  • Group of high profile research institutions wanted to judge applicants to a multi-million-dollar grant program. They wanted experts to evaluate both the technical feasibility of the proposals as well as the background fit of the applicants.
  • Our ongoing work with the consortium has helped them identify high-quality applicants, and has helped them identify areas of research (in both industry and academic machine learning) that are both promising and under-explored.

💬 “[The research consortium] really appreciates [the consultant’s] unique perspective in the area of AI” - Executive @ Research Consortium

🏗️ 🏗️ 🏗️ 🏗️ 🏗️ 🏗️ 🏗️ 🏗️ 🏗️ 🏗️ 🏗️

Major Construction company worked with 5cube Labs to build cost estimation software

Use case: Acting as an AI Advisory, Custom ML Solutions
  • A construction company working on large office spaces wanted to use machine learning to estimate costs from architectural designs, as well as identify possible areas of cost overruns. The data modality was unique enough that they also wanted to determine if machine learning could be applied to this problem at all.
  • Our work with the construction company involved putting together a custom cost estimation pipeline, as well as helping the company assemble a larger more permenant software engineering team to scale this solution up.

💬 “[The consultant] stepped into [our company] at a crucial time to help us not only build out [our company’s] machine learning, but also to act as a true advisor.” - Executive @ Construction Company

Overcoming Obstacles in Machine Learning Projects

Machine learning, despite its immense potential, presents its own set of challenges. One significant hurdle is the requirement for extensive, high-quality data. Machine learning models thrive on large datasets, but real-world data can often be noisy, unstructured, and sometimes incomplete, which can make its effective use a daunting task.

Another critical issue revolves around data privacy and security. With the rise in data breaches and increasing regulation, businesses need to ensure they handle sensitive data responsibly, especially when it’s stored in disparate locations and owned by different stakeholders. Interpreting the results of complex models and ensuring compliance with varying regulations also pose challenges, particularly in industries with stringent standards.

However, these challenges do not diminish the unique value proposition of machine learning. Unlike conventional programming methods, machine learning models learn from data, improving their performance over time and adapting to new data without being explicitly programmed to do so. This offers businesses the potential for significant efficiency gains, innovative services, and insights that would be near-impossible to glean through traditional methods.

The key lies in leveraging the right expertise and focusing on appropriate use cases. With 5cube Labs, businesses can not only navigate the complexities of machine learning but unlock its transformative potential. Our expert team works with your unique needs, enabling you to harness the power of machine learning, mitigate risks, and drive unprecedented innovation. With machine learning, your business isn’t just adapting to the future - it’s shaping it.